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There is an ever-increasing demand of clean water supply across the world. Changing climate, and population and commercial growth, have contributed to sever water shortages everywhere. Lack of clean water supplies will impact all aspects of human life. There is an urgent need for improved, efficient and cost-effective water management and treatment solutions, especially in the Middle East and MENA countries.

The MIDDLE EAST GROUPoffers three urgent water management solutions to meet the need for clean water and its efficient usage.


Water management services can help to achieve sustainable development by reusing and recycling maximum waste water and grey water in the commercial buildings and institutions. Complete water treatment solutions for commercial and institutional applications include:

  • Grey Water Treatment

    Domestic waste water is often contaminated with soluble and insoluble impurities. Grey water treatment services begin with water analysis and understanding the characteristics of water to design suitable grey water treatment systems. The grey water is then treated with biological pre-treatment and ultrafiltration systems. The treated water can be used for cooling tower make up, gardening or irrigation applications.

  • TSE Water Treatment

    TSE water has high TDS. It can be treated by ultrafiltration, followed by reverse osmosis. The treated TSE water can be reused for cooling tower make up, gardening or toilet flushing applications, easing the pressure on portable water consumption.

  • Boiler Water Treatment

    Boiler feed water can be treated with softeners and RO (Reverse Osmosis). Demineralization units can be used in case of high-pressure boilers. This will also prevent scale build up in the boilers and lower blowdown discharge.

  • Cooling Tower Treatment

    Once the source of water and its characteristics have been determined, different treatment solutions can help in cooling tower make up water treatment. These solutions prevent the scale build up in the cooling towers and lower blowdown timing.

  • Water Softeners

    Hard water is the most challenging problem with municipal and well water supplies. Hard water contains salts that can cause scaling inside appliances and equipment, especially boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, cooling systems etc. MEFT International's simplex and duplex automatic water softeners have been designed to remove water hardness effectively.


Industrial waste water treatment requires customised advanced treatment solutions. We deploy highly efficient, advanced treatment technologies for removal of heavy metals, BOD, COD and TSS.

Industrial wastewater treatment systems for Saudi Arabia and Middle East generally include Clarifiers, Lamella clarifiers, Oil skimmers, Neutralization system, DAF and Other chemical treatment to remove heavy metals, and other dissolved and suspended impurities. These systems have low operating and manpower costs, resulting in cost-effective wastewater treatment.


We provide complete solutions for design, engineering procurement and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants made with latest technology and advanced automation. The most compact package treatment plants include a skid mounted design or tailor-made containerized package that is easy to install, commission and operate.

  • MEFT Package MBBR Plants

    Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor is an economical solution for both industrial and municipal sewage treatment applications. The treatment technology includes high efficiency membrane separation technology and conventional activated sludge process. The containerized, modular, prefabricated design is built in MSEP/ MSRL tanks or refurbished containers. It allows fully automatic operation and is suitable for underground installation.

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants (Skid Mounted / Containerised)

    MEFT package reverse osmosis (RO) plants are available in a containerized or a transportable skid mounted design. These RO plants can be used in treatment of brackish water, sea water, portable water and high TDS application in industrial waste water.

For complete water management and wastewater treatment solutions for residential, municipal, industrial, and commercial applications in Saudi Arabia, UAE, rest of the Middle East and MENA, get in touch with us at +971 6 5350066 or write to info@meftinternational.net.