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According to the World Green Building Council report, the construction sector is responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions. Talking of climate change, we often forget water conservation. The harsh truth is that the world may witness a 40 per cent shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030.

Energy and water are closely connected and the good news is that the construction sector can help in water conservation with water harvesting and greywater recycling.

What is greywater recycling?

Greywater refers to wastewater from residential and commercial establishments. Because of lower levels of contaminants, it can be more easily treated and recycled than sewage to be reused in irrigation and other uses.

The source of greywater determines its composition. For example, greywater from kitchens and laundry may have more chemicals due to the use of household cleaners etc.

The greywater is collected, filtered and pumped into a storage tank. It is pumped out of the tank, as and when needed for reuse.

Energy and water are inseparable. Greywater recycling can cut down water use by up to 40 percent, reducing water and energy bills.

While you may have installed rainwater harvesting systems, greywater treatment brings you a faster return on your investment. In addition, you are not dependent on rainfall, and have water availability all year around. Greywater recycling systems are low maintenance too.

Greywater treatment solutions by MEFT International in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and North Africa, include proper biological pre-treatment and ultrafiltration systems. The treated water can be used for cooling tower make up, gardening or irrigation applications.

Greywater recycling is an ideal water treatment and management solution for hotels, businesses, offices and residential blocks. Such buildings or complexes can ensure a constant supply of water and it can be used to meet the demand for water for irrigation and other non-drinking purposes.

A common misconception about greywater treatment systems is high costs. The truth is that installing greywater treatment solutions can help you reduce costs in the long term and obtain faster and higher returns on your investment.

More Water Treatment Solutions in Middle East

There are several other water treatment solutions available for commercial buildings and institutions in MENA countries.

  • TSE Water Treatment - Reusing TSE water for cooling tower make up, gardening or toilet flushing applications. This water has high TDS and can be treated by UF followed by RO plant.
  • Boiler Water Treatment - A wide range of options are available for boiler feed water treatment. They include water softeners and RO plants for low pressure boilers and demineralization units for higher pressure boilers.
  • Cooling Tower Treatment - Treatment solutions for cooling tower make up water
  • Water Softeners - Hard water is a common problem that can lead to scaling and damage equipment, such as boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, cooling systems etc. This can have a great negative impact on energy consumption and efficiency. Simplex and duplex automatic water softeners by MEFT International are carefully designed to remove water hardness.

For complete water management solutions, including engineering, design, and supply of wastewater treatment solutions for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications in Saudi Arabia, UAE and rest of the Middle East, get in touch with us at +971 6 5350066 or write to info@meftinternational.net. The MIDDLE EAST GROUP provides complete solutions for water, wastewater treatment, including design, engineering procurement and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants.