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What is a Containerised Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plant?

Containerised membrane bioreactor (MBR) package plants allow municipal and industrial wastewater treatment while achieving high-quality effluent, as well as lower energy and maintenance costs.

Some key features and benefits of containerised membrane bioreactor (MBR) package plants are:

  • Pre-assembled
  • Skid-mounted
  • Lower installation time and costs
  • Compact design
  • Advanced nitrogen and phosphate removal
  • User-friendly to operate reliably
  • High-quality effluent water


Containerised MBR package plants have a compact pre-assembled, tested, and skid-mounted, design that can be easily installed for the treatment of applications, ranging from a few thousand litres per day to hundreds of thousands of litres per day.

Skid mounted

Containerised MBR package plants can be installed quickly at site. The prefabricated steel tanks include pre-installed internals and pumps that reduce the labour and time required for installation.

How does it work?

Wastewater treatment begins with the influent entering a rotary drum screen, with rescreening, before entering the tank where the biological treatment occurs. Aeration within the aerobic reactor adds oxygen for the biological respiration. Solids are maintained in suspension.

To retain the active biomass, the containerised MBR plant utilizes hollow-fibre membrane technology. It minimizes sludge settling issues and allows operation even at long sludge ages of 20 to 100 days. It also increases mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations, providing several benefits, such as –

  • stable operation
  • complete nitrification
  • reduced biosolids production
  • reduced biological volume requirements (only 20% - 30% of conventional processes)
  • extremely space-efficient solids separation
  • no need of clarifier

The MBR treated water has low turbidity which acts as an ideal feed to Reverse Osmosis systems, and to provide irrigation water for horticultural applications.

A separate tank holds the submerged hollow fibre membranes, which deliver greater filtration and reduce aeration energy by a large extent. The fibres are bound together in modules, and draw mixed liquor into the bottom with air. The filtrate pump draws the water through the fibre wall, filtering the water from the solids. Aeration increases process efficiency and reduces energy needs.

If you want to reclaim water from an existing wastewater treatment plant, the containerised MBR plant provides a great advantage.

Typically, water has to be pre-treated in case of reclamation of water from conventional water treatment plants. This adds to the cost of water reuse. Containerised MBR systems already have all pre-treatment steps until the influent RO, thereby reducing implementation costs and time. This makes containerised MBR package plants the perfect solution for reclaiming and reusing water.

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